uptown™ (P3000) portable power + led flashlight


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compact brushed aluminum body with soft touch rubber ends. this rechargeable battery includes a full LED light bar and carrying lanyard. with 3000mAh, you can light up the dark and keep your smartphone going. fast, safe, portable power.

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pre charged

led flashlight

1 full charge

smartphone &

tablet compatible

about the uptown

stay connected with the uptown™ p3000. this compact power bank provides 3000mAh of power and includes a full LED light bar, that is perfect for finding keys, getting into the car and plugging in your smartphone in the dark. it is designed with brushed aluminum and soft rubber touch materials and is complete with a carrying lanyard. meet your new favorite travel companion.

tech specs

  1. provides 1 full charge for mobile devices
  2. battery type: lithium-ion battery
  3. battery life cycle: ≥ 500 cycles
  4. input: 5v/1a
  5. output: 5v/1a
  6. capacity: 3000mAh@3.7v (11.1Wh)
  7. unit dimensions: 73*36*22mm
  8. charging time: approx. 3.5 hours

what's included

  1. p3000 power bank
  2. 6 inch micro-usb charging cable
  3. carrying lanyard
  4. owners manual