Why Laptop Stands are Better than Pads for Cooling Your Laptop

Overheating laptops are a common problem. Just like a software update, you can probably let this issue go for a little while before anything catastrophic happens. Once a laptop starts shutting down entirely, this issue will quickly become a real nuisance and can even cause permanent damage to your computer. A laptop stand can help, but what kind of stand you get matters a great deal. Trying to take an aggressive approach, too many people opt for cooling laptop pads without understanding the consequences for their device.

Problems with Cooling Laptop Stands and Pads

Cooling laptop pads sound like an obvious solution, but even in a best case scenario, these pads are more of a Band-Aid than a solution. In many cases, these pads make the problem worse.

Most laptops use a heat sink, thermal paste, and an internal cooling fan to efficiently dissipate and remove the heat from your laptop. One of the most common and insidious threats to this system is dust. Cooling laptop pads can be a big problem as they tend to blow dust back into your computer. Yes, they cool the laptop off temporarily, but they can also fool your computer into thinking it no longer needs to run its own internal fan, and that leads to even more dust getting into your computer.

As more dust begins to infiltrate and coat the internal components, they begin to work less efficiently and build up more heat—until the laptop hits a breaking point and shuts down or suffers permanent hardware damage.

Instead of a cooling pad, use the simple laptop stands from MOXYO to promote good air circulation underneath the device and follow a few simple rules for protecting your laptop.

Laptop Stands Are Great Back-to-School Solutions

Laptop stands may not appear on every back-to-school shopping list, but they’re a perfect item to make sure you and your laptop make it through the entire school year. Whether you’re looking to expand the lifetime of an older laptop or you’re looking to safeguard your investment in a newer device, laptop stands are a smart tech accessory. More than keeping your device from overheating, these stands offer an ergonomic setup that can protect your hands and wrists from repetitive stress injuries.

Laptop stand used to keep computer above sitting cushion

Our portable, lightweight laptop stands will keep your laptop perched above soft surfaces that block the air vents needed to keep your laptop cool.

More Tips to Prevent and Stop Overheating Laptops

Some amount of heat is to be expected from laptops. As lithium batteries age, they become less efficient and produce more heat. Combined with heavy use and lots of background apps, a laptop also needs a controlled environment to prevent overheating. For the most part, this means you should moderate external temperatures. Don’t take your laptop out in the middle of a hot summer day. It also means maintaining good air circulation. At the very least, make sure you don’t use the laptop on an overly soft or uneven surface that can plug the vents. If you’re noticing a laptop is starting to get warm, take the extra precaution of using laptop stands. Again, just be sure to avoid the kind with a cooling fan.