Should You Shop for Screen Protectors Before a Phone Case?

Buying a great smartphone is only the first step in your digital tech journey. It is always wise to act preemptively and shop for a great screen protector and phone case before those inevitable slips, drops, and falls happen. But how do you balance function with style? We believe you should never have to compromise one for the other. Most people start accessorizing their phones by shopping for a case, but the best result may instead come from shopping for a screen protector first. Let’s dive into why...

How to Pick the Right Screen Protector for Your Smartphone

In the world of smartphone protection, there are products that look nice, and there are products that offer phone-saving security. Great smartphone protection offers the best of both worlds. Glitter Glass from MOXYO® combines the best screen protection technology with eye-catching glitter to enhance and personalize your smartphone.

While the new iPhone 12 features a ceramic shield screen that offers four times the drop- performance rating, it’s not indestructible. Glitter Glass offers tempered glass protection with a dash of glitter for a one-of-a-kind finish. If you prefer something dynamic and secure, MOXYO’s Mirror Glass transforms your screen into a colored mirror whenever the screen is off. Turn your phone screen on and both Mirror Glass and Glitter Glass screen protectors disappear for an ultra-clear, crisp display.

These screen protectors will change both the way you think of your phone and its look. Once you’ve chosen one of these screen protectors, it’s easy to find a phone case that’s a great match and creates the perfect overall effect for accessorizing your phone.

Glitter Glass screen protector when phone screen is off or on

Glitter Glass creates one-of-a-kind style for your screen while still delivering a crystal-clear image when using the phone.

Why You Need Two Levels of Protection for Your Smartphone

Although many smartphone retailers carry a variety of screen protectors, experts recommend that you invest in tempered glass models. While traditional plastic-based screen protectors shield against direct force on the screen, tempered glass deflects scratches and maintains the high definition of clarity you want from your screen.

Ultimately, however, it’s important to invest in both a great screen protector and a case. This way, your Mirror Glass or Glitter Glass screen protectors enhance and safeguard your screen while your case protects against impact on the sides and corners, cushioning your phone against drops and falls.

Find the Ideal Phone Case for Your New Mirror Glass or Glitter Glass Protector

The best part about smartphone cases and protectors is that you can transform your smartphone as much or as often as you desire. For a simple, sturdy smartphone case that offers unbeatable protection but doesn’t dull down your phone, explore what our sister brand has to offer. BodyGuardz® cases harness the patented power of Unequal® shock-absorbing technology to safeguard the longevity of your phone, and transform your phone without sacrificing its style or its security. Pairing your BodyGuardz case with MOXYO’s Glitter or Mirror Glass makes the perfect pair and style statement.