the 14 worst times for your cell phone to die

9 in 10 Americans panic when their phone battery drops below 20%

which is understandable because phones always seem to die at the absolute worst times. in those moments, it’s easy to feel a little lost, a little frustrated, and maybe even a little helpless.

fortunately, MOXYO’s got your back—our line of portable power banks will keep your phone charged up and, more importantly, help you avoid some awkward situations. and if you need a little reminder of how awful a dead phone battery feels, here are the 14 worst times for your cell phone to die.

1—when you’re on a phone interview with the only company that responded to your resume


you wanted to live with your parents for another year, right?

2—when you’re in the middle of your power jam at the gym

source: 20th century fox /

on second thought, who needs to do cardio anyway?!

3—when you lock yourself out of the house and it’s 100 degrees out


look at it this way: at least now you have time to work on your tan?

4—when you’re trying to order pizza

source: tumblr

you shouldn’t let anything come between you and bae.

5—when you’re meeting up with a date and you have no idea where you’re going


here’s to hoping they weren’t the one!

6—when said date is awful and you need an excuse to get away


you found them. they’re awful. time to escape.

7—when you’re in the middle of a night out with friends


goodbye, snapchat. goodbye, instagram. GOODBYE, CRUEL WORLD.

8—when you lose your friends at a music festival


burning man becomes 1,532,392 times more sketch when you get separated from the squad.

9—when you’re flying solo at a party


“pretend like you have friends. pretend like you have friends. don’t make eye contact. pretend like you have friends.”

10—when you see a puppy you need to snap a photo of


puppies deserved to be photographed, and photographed often.

11—when you’re trying to Snapchat your favorite artist’s concert


contrary to what you might think, the biebs WANTS to be on your snapchat story.

12—when you’re on a long flight


time to snuggle up to that stranger next to you!

13—when the selfie lighting is literally perfect


good selfie lighting doesn’t come around every day, people!

14—when the group message is LIT


you didn’t want to know what’s going on with jessica and brad anyway. moral of the story? shop the uptown, save your phone, save your sanity.